The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership offers customized training in areas critical to career success and leadership development.  Topics include:


Developing Effective Multigenerational Teams 

As the Millennial Generation moves towards becoming the majority of the workforce, Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials face a variety of challenges in developing effective multi-generational teams. Drawing on the detailed research in You Raised Us, Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success and Building Strong Workplace Teams, Lauren provides concrete tools to separate myth from reality, bridge the communications gap, and develop effective strategies to ensure successful cross-generational teamwork and promote continued institutional excellence.  Training programs can be customized for audiences of separate generations or for intergenerational groups.

Minimizing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace 

Even as supervising professionals bring a good faith approach to the assignment, evaluation, and promotion processes, a substantial body of research demonstrates how our unconscious biases can inadvertently disadvantage others in these decisions.  Understanding this dynamic is integral to the implementation of workplace procedures that minimize the intrusion of unconscious bias. This training program can:


  • Help those who assign and evaluate the work product of others recognize how unconscious biases impact decision-making; and 

  • Provide strategies for developing and implementing processes that minimize the impact of unconscious biases, both institutionally and individually.

Strategies for Career Success 

Lauren offers professionals the compass they need to navigate the workplace and their careers successfully. Custom-tailored to meet the specific goals of clients, this training can be offered in multiple or single sessions, and can also be tailored to address women’s leadership and advancement. Examples of topics addressed can include:

  • Positioning yourself as a “go to” professional;

  • Developing the leadership skills you need to advance in your career;

  • Cultivating mentoring relationships and developing champions for your advancement;

  • Creating a self-evaluation that showcases your skills;

  • Integrating business generation skills into your life;

  • Keeping yourself, your family, and your work-life intact while building your career;

  • Managing work-life integration while learning to live with ambiguity; and

  • Working within and across generations.

Deploying Strategic Leadership to Reach the Next Level

With each level of seniority achieved, the need to think strategically about leadership growth and development remains critical to career success.  Whether you seek or are in a management role, lead a team of colleagues, or serve in your community or profession, each leadership position brings its challenges and career impacts. This training provides the tools needed to understand what it means to be an effective leader, and to identify and pursue leadership interests that enhance strategic goals. 

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