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The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership offers customized training in areas critical to career success and leadership development.  Topics include:

Developing Effective Multigenerational Teams 

Baby-Boomers continue to have a strong presence in the workplace, Millennials are still the focus of unfair stereotypes, the post-Millennial generation will soon be starting their careers in increasing numbers, and Gen X is now in the challenging role of managing these multigenerational teams.  Lauren’s training programs draw on her ground-breaking book, You Raised Us, Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success and Building Strong Workplace Teams, as well as her continued research on generational issues affecting all ages.  She provides concrete tools to help workplaces separate generational myths from reality, bridge the communications gap, and develop effective strategies to ensure successful cross-generational teamwork and promote continued institutional excellence.  Training programs can be customized for audiences of separate generations or for inter-generational groups.

Developing a Diverse, Respectful, and Inclusive Workplace Culture
To develop a diverse workplace, organizations must also focus on creating a culture of respect and inclusion. When done successfully, the beneficial result will be a more diverse work environment.
Effective diversity and inclusion training requires a comprehensive and research-based approach that helps organizations understand the range of strategies needed to develop a thriving workplace culture.  This includes providing a deeper understanding of the ways in which unconscious biases can disadvantage others, particularly in the assignment, evaluation, and promotion processes.

The Rikleen Institute offers an accessible, nuanced, interactive, and enjoyable approach that helps attendees appreciate that everyone has a role to play in creating an inclusive climate that embraces diversity and treats all with respect.

Bystander Intervention Training

As workplaces implement programs and policies that address bias, harassment and misconduct, it is important to include training for bystanders, who often fear that their efforts to intervene will result in retaliation. Lauren has developed a Bystander Intervention Training Program designed to fill this significant gap.


Lauren’s Bystander Intervention Training offers a deeper understanding of relevant research regarding the impact on those who fear speaking up after witnessing racism, harassment, and other negative behaviors. The program also provides safe intervention strategies that can be implemented in the workplace and describes the benefits to employers resulting from a workplace culture where employees can feel empowered to assist co-workers.

To learn more about the workshops of the Rikleen Institute, please contact Lauren directly at

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