"We had the great pleasure of hosting Lauren as the keynote for our school’s Centennial Voices debut, a series of speakers, projects, and discussions in honor of American women’s first 100 years of the vote. Not generally part of her age-level repertoire, Lauren deftly combined her personal story, decades of professional advocacy, and insightful episodes from the past as she urged Wayland High School’s young adults to follow their passions and make the world a better place. It was a splendid address that set just the right tone for our ongoing efforts." 



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"Your framework was a great organizing model for the student's work. The Shield of Silence and your training work are impressive and gave the class much to engage with. And I enjoyed hearing the group's questions and your thoughtful answers."


University Professor of Social Policy, Law and Women's Studies Brandeis University

"We invited Lauren to speak to over 250 economic development, business, and political leaders in northwest Ohio regarding the challenges employers face in addressing the multi-generational workforce.  Lauren’s talk exceeded our expectations and provided actionable steps for employers to take to address our region’s workforce development challenges.  Her ability to not only challenge existing myths about millennials as well as provide insights into their workplace expectations was exceptional.  In addition, her presentation was engaging, funny, and attention-grabbing.  We would highly recommend Lauren for a variety of speaking engagements as her insights and strategies can improve and inform the private, public and non-profit sectors."



On February 14, 2019, Lauren was the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Bar Association Gender Equality Committee Breakfast and spoke on the topic of on-going gender equality issues in the legal profession. Lauren’s presentation was particularly effective because she cited to recently conducted research among female attorneys to support the fact that female attorneys continue to experience sexual harassment, retaliation and bullying in law firms. Her examples provided the opportunity to discuss the role of work-place bias and to provide practical steps for individuals to take to be aware of and confront their biases. While this topic and the data continues to be disheartening for the legal profession, Lauren has an amazing ability to engage the audience, inject humor, and instill hope by empowering the listeners to make a difference. I highly recommend Lauren for speaking engagements on this and other topics relating to workplace culture and employee engagement, as her diligent research and analysis will help all businesses address inequality and create a more respectful, diverse, and inclusive environment.  


Chair New Hampshire Bar Association Gender Equality Committee

I have heard in various contexts all of the facts and data Lauren shared during the seminar she ran for my group.  Lauren’s brilliance is that she understands the interconnectedness of all of the seemingly disparate pieces of data out there -- and shares that understanding in a deeply engaging manner.  The realities of sexual harassment in the workplace, gender pay disparity, studies of the challenges women face participating in meetings, women’s impact on corporate boards, the paucity of women in senior positions in corporate America, lack of flex time to raise a family – all these issues, and many more, are interrelated in a way that Lauren brings together in a succinct and compelling way.


Monitor Clipper Partners, LLC

Engaging, Relevant, Informative. Lauren provided our equity partners with unique, research-based insights into the multi-generational workforce and the factors that impact the cultural DNA of Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials. More importantly, she offered them tangible and practical suggestions for how to effectively communicate with each of these distinctive groups. The conversations about these topics continued well after her presentation, which is a sure sign of success!



I am a full-time litigator and mom to twin 5-year-old girls, and never before have I left a webinar feeling so empowered and motivated.  In a short period of time, Lauren was able to provide concrete action steps that lawyers can take to assess our personal and professional priorities, and then integrate those priorities into our daily lives.  It was refreshing to hear a lawyer preaching the benefits of mindfulness and gratitude and the importance of giving our minds and bodies a break from our 24/7 culture.  There were many wonderful takeaways from her presentation, and I especially appreciated how Lauren used her extensive research and relatable personal anecdotes to back up her advice, engage the audience, and provide a thoughtful and realistic perspective on what it means to successfully practice law in today’s world.


I worked with Lauren ​Stiller ​Rikleen, our presenter, for an evening Parents' Association Forum at The Winsor School. ​ ​Not only was Lauren interested to hear what the interests and questions are in our parent community that lay behind choosing our particular topic, she was intent on customizing her presentation to fit our audience.


The title of our program was "Parenting With the Long View", and, in it, Lauren summarized some of the data from her area of expertise about women in the workplace and millennials in the workplace, while exploring those qualities that will make our daughters resilient and able to persevere in the face of disappointments and unconscious bias in the workplace. ​ ​Furthermore, she gave our parents some actual "tools" and suggestions about parenting approaches that work well in raising adaptable and confident adults. It was wonderful to hear her lay out some of the characteristics of today's changing workplace while using the evidence to suggest what characteristics are necessary for young adults to have a sense of both "success" and fulfillment.


Clearly the work-family interface; flexibility in hours worked and in office time; finding meaningful connections with co-workers and managers; and finding a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in the work itself are all important priorities for the next generation in the workforce. She brought up interesting contrasts between our generation and the current young adult generation as relates to social media, communication style, collaborative skills, and motivators.


Lauren was thoughtful in her content; clearly expert in her subject matter; and engaging for our audience. The Q&A afterward clearly showed us that ​Lauren's insights and the data she presented had stimulated our audience to think further on the topics, and they were interested to find out more about both the workplace and effective parenting for resilient kids.


​Lauren​ was just the right combination of personable and warm, sharing anecdotes when they would illustrate her points, while showing the expertise of someone who is current with the research on the changing workplace and on leadership development.. Truly, the evening felt like a collaboration, and the efforts we had spent along the way to discuss the topic together --to give Lauren a sense of our community's questions and interests --went far towards making the evening rewarding for the attendees. The audience left the auditorium still in lively discussion about the topics raised.


Lauren's style is warm and wise, a perfect combination.


Liaison for Parent Program​​ming, Parents Association, The Winsor School, Boston

Lauren was a keynote speaker at the Employers Association of the Northeast’s 2017 Compensation and Benefits conference and did a fantastic job kicking off the event for over 100 HR professionals. Lauren provided an interesting and engaging look at the multi-generational workforce. She spanned the timeline of pivotal events that helped shape the different generations of people in today’s workforce. Her ability to connect to the audience and effectively answer their questions was a great way to start the day. Lauren effectively used research to support her presentation prompting one participant to note “Great job tying everything back to research studies…very fascinating and relevant.”


Director of Training and Development at Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE)

Lauren’s two-hour presentation, “Building the Next Generation of Leaders,” at the USPIS’s Boston Division Leadership Team meeting could have been four, six or eight hours.  Lauren was very engaging providing insights into Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who all currently constitute the leadership team as well as our workforce.  As a federal law enforcement agency, every new employee hired will be a Millennial, so it is imperative we begin training our leadership in understanding the characteristics, values and mindset of Millennials.  In the short amount of time Lauren had, through PowerPoint, conversation and thought-provoking questions, she provided the beginnings of a roadmap to successfully leading the next generation of Postal Inspectors.


Inspector in Charge, Boston Division

"I had the pleasure of seeing Lauren present "Millennials in the Workplace" during a business seminar hosted by our bank and I knew I had to have her present to our leadership team. Lauren's presentation was insightful and really gave all of us much to think about.  We all enjoyed the healthy dialogue during her presentation as well as the opportunity to discuss our "real life" situations which allowed us to walk away with useful tips and tools that we could use to help us motivate and retain our millennial workforce.  Thank you Lauren for bringing your knowledge and wisdom to our team."


Human Resources Director, Alpha Analytical

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