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The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership consults with professional service firms, business organizations, and non-profit entities to help them develop a dynamic, inclusive, and strategically aligned workplace.  Consulting services include:

Strengthening Multigenerational Teams
Workplaces today often feel challenged by both real and perceived differences in work and communication styles among the generations.  As the author of the highly acclaimed You Raised Us, Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success and Building Strong Workplace Teams, Lauren offers research-based strategies that help employers and employees understand the work styles, needs, and interests of each generation, helping to separate myth from fact and bridge communication gaps.  Lauren is available to consult with workplaces to assist in the development of strong multi-generational teams.


A Confidential Internal Assessment of Existing Barriers to Success
Each workplace has its own unique culture and internal management framework that can substantially impact the career success of its professionals.  The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership can undertake a confidential internal assessment to help identify unique conditions and perceived obstacles to achieving a workplace in which all professionals can thrive and succeed. The internal assessment includes both an analysis of the findings and proposed strategies to address them.

Strategies to Minimize the Impact of Unconscious Bias  
Unconscious bias affects everyone. The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership helps workplaces:

  • Understand the ways in which our unconscious reactions impact how individuals are judged and evaluated; and

  • Identify specific strategies to minimize the impact of unconscious bias on various organizational structures such as the assignment and performance evaluation processes.

Designing and Implementing a Successful Women’s Initiative

Affinity networks can be a critical way for women – and men – to work together to address barriers to advancement.  The development and implementation of a strategically crafted Women’s Initiative offers opportunities for internal collaboration, external networking, and skill-building.  A successful Women’s Initiative develops key metrics for the long-term retention and advancement of women, implements a range of programming to help achieve those metrics, and builds an affinity network that aligns women’s advancement and organizational strategies.  Lauren’s unique approach combines the development and enhancement of a Women’s Initiative that fosters teamwork and a culture of mutual support with individual opportunities for building workplace navigation skills.

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