The Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership differentiates itself through its customized, innovative, and research-based approach. Founder and president Lauren Stiller Rikleen launched the Rikleen Institute with a commitment to help each client develop stronger workplaces by expanding the pool of future leaders and creating an inclusive environment that is responsive to changing demographics and a changed economy.  


Lauren is a nationally recognized expert on developing a thriving, diverse and multi-generational workforce. Through her speaking, training, consulting, and writing, she addresses such topics as strengthening multi-generational teams, women’s leadership and advancement, and implementing strategies to minimize the impact of unconscious bias.

Lauren’s sophisticated and customized presentations, training programs, and consulting services are designed to:

  • Develop strategies for building successful relationships and productive teams within a multigenerational workforce;

  • Enhance career navigation skills;

  • Minimize the impact of unconscious bias, particularly in the assignments and performance evaluations processes; and

  • Develop the next generation of leadership.

Lauren is recognized and sought-after for her nuanced insights, gentle humor, and passionate commitment to her work. 

Lauren’s newest book is Ladder Down: Success Strategies For Lawyers From Women Who Will Be Hiring, Reviewing, And Promoting You. Lauren is also the author of: You Raised Us. Now Work With Us - Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams, and Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women’s Success in the Law.





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