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Lauren Stiller Rikleen, founder and president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership, is a preeminent provider of training, speaking, and consulting services to professional services entities, businesses, and organizations seeking to create an engaged, diverse, and inclusive workforce.   


Through her speaking, training, consulting, and writing, she addresses such topics as strengthening multi-generational teams, women’s leadership and advancement, and minimizing the impact of unconscious bias. Learn more

Lauren Stiller Rikleen, workplace expert, consultant, speaker


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Lauren Stiller Rikleen was recently recognized by the American Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Profession with its prestigious Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award.
View the press release from the American Bar Association: Five women lawyers receive 2017 Margaret Brent Awards at ABA Annual Meeting
Watch the ABA video recognizing Lauren: Lauren Stiller Rikleen, 2017 Margaret Brent Awardee



Universities cannot be bystanders in these troubled times

The resignations of two Ivy League presidents – Claudine Gay of Harvard and Elizabeth Magill of the University of Pennsylvania – demonstrate the peril facing university leaders who lean into old models that no longer work. Free speech as a revered tenet of higher education cannot demand silence in this all-hands-on-deck moment in history. 

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The Generational Challenge No Workplace Should Ignore

Lauren Stiller Rikleen sheds light on the often unjust criticisms faced by new generations in the workplace along with the most pressing challenge they face - the mental health crisis. The rising rates of stress, anxiety, and depression among younger workers need to be urgently addressed to foster a supportive workplace culture, whilst benefiting both the organisation and its workforce. 

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"Lauren was the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Bar Association Gender Equality Committee Breakfast and spoke on the topic of on-going gender equality issues in the legal profession. Lauren’s presentation was particularly effective because she cited to recently conducted research among female attorneys to support the fact that female attorneys continue to experience sexual harassment, retaliation and bullying in law firms. Her examples provided the opportunity to discuss the role of workplace bias and to provide practical steps for individuals to take to be aware of and confront their biases. While this topic and the data continues to be disheartening for the legal profession, Lauren has an amazing ability to engage the audience, inject humor, and instill hope by empowering the listeners to make a difference. I highly recommend Lauren for speaking engagements on this and other topics relating to workplace culture and employee engagement, as her diligent research and analysis will help all businesses address inequality and create a more respectful, diverse, and inclusive environment."  

Beth A Deragon

 Attorney Beth A Deragon, Chair New Hampshire Bar Association Gender Equality Committee. 

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